My Wikipedia Contribution

The whole point on this semester’s Information Management course was to end up doing a couple of contributions at the Wikipedia, and that is why the tools I have mentioned in my last post has been usefull to this purpose.

I have done two contributions in wikipedia. the first one was the translation of an artivle from spanish to english. the article was about a music festival held in Spain “Contempopáne” which is quite famous, and as so, I was surprised when I found that it didn’t have an english translation. that’s why I decided to create this new article in the English wikipedia, the worst part of this first contribution was connecting both the Spanish and The English articles, but I finally got it.

For my second contribution, I have been adding information about the article of a Basque actor. the Article was written in Euskara, and as so, there was just so little infromation written in tables. So, I have add some boigrphical information writen in paragraphs.

These has been my contributions for Wikipedia. I have really enyojed working with it, and knowing how does it really works. I have learn a lot form the templates and the infoboxes, together with the ammounto of f¡diferetn posibilities of languages and creation this online encyclopedia give us.


My Information Management Tools

during this second semester of the third year of Modern Languages, we have had a subject called Information Management in which we have been learning different tools in order to make easier and better the communication of information. for that, we have been using these tools:

Our basic platform is called Wikilittera and it is part of the huge Wikipedia. we used this same platform last year, and as so, it was quite easy to work with it. In this Platform, we have, basically, been writing about what we were doing with the rest of the tools, so that both the teacher and ourselves could see how we were doing the exercises and check them.

We have been using also a kind of a blog; In this one, we had to choose a topic and look for already-posted scoops; so that we could create a big post with different information, souces and multimedia (videos, photos…). finally, we twitted some of the most interesting articles or information.

Another  tools that we have been using a lot has been Mind-Map, or at least an application to do them. The application we have been using is called text2mindmap. For creating a Mindmap with this tool you only have to go inserting the infromation you take from some article, and the same app makes the mindmap (even if you have to fix it sometimes), so it is easy to work with it. these mindmaps has also been  posted on twitter. in the last set of exercises, we have been using the categories of the different pages to wikipedia as a information source for creating the mind maps.

As we have been using a lot of different articles from different sources, we have also been using an organizer of references. for this, we have been using Refworks and Flow. with this two tools, we have been able to organize by fields our references, together with couting them in the right way, and as so, avoid doing plagarism.

We have also been doing fact-sheets. A fact-sheet id a word procesator page with information about one topic, dividing it into different tables and with photos. if it is true that we have done it with word, and that we already knew hpw to use it. we have been sharing it on the drive and sharing their links in order everybody to read them.

Finnally, of course, we have been using both Twitter and Google Drive in order to share all the information and products we have been creating.

Chaos for 11 days

Ghosts of literature

The “Queen of Crime” disappeared. No reasons were known for that tragic act. Feelings of sadness and fear were all combined. The uncertainty of what will happen next was in the minds of everyone. Loads of people were moved to find her. Questions as “will she commit any crime inspired on her novels?”, “will she be able to commit suicide?”, etc. came to the minds of the people. I found very interesting information about all this in a blog almost dedicated to the writer, El blog de Agatha Christie.

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Goodbye Doris Lessing.

Ghosts of literature

Doris Lessing who was aged 94 and discribed as “the woman who won as much battles as she lost” by ”De Confidencial” has passed away. According to ””, her physical appearance which was affectionate and friendly, had nothing to do with the strenght and force that is hidden in some of her works.”  She has written more than 50 novels and has been awarded with many prizes; such as Literature Novel Prize (2007), Principe de Asturias (2001)and Premi Catalunya (1999).

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Theatre of Shakespeare: Modernity and Fame

Ghosts of literature

As we can see in Michiko Kakutani’s review of one of the latest versions of Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare and his works are not save of “actualizations” that often tend to achieve a new point of view, different from the original of its creator. William Shakespeare, who almost died 400 years ago, in 1616, is the most inmortal playwrighters in history. People all over the world know his works: Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear… But something that happens nowadays all around the world affects these magnificous works: modernization.

Recently, more and more theater companies have created and still are creating modern versions of the before mentioned masterpieces. At first sight, there is no problem at all in this idea. It is, indeed, a new way of adapting and expressing the feelings of the medieval situations that are shown to us thank to Shakespeare’s imagination and creativity. Howerver…

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Shakespeare travels to Tokyo

Ghosts of literature

As Mhairi Gowans claims in her blog “Fall into Yesterday” “Shakespeare was born in Japan”. Even if it seems to be impossible at first sight, since 1997 Shakespeare is living in Tokyo, more exactly in the town of Maruyama, where his new birthplace is located. Of course, it has not travel Shakespeare himself, but his origins, his works, his voice; his essence. Mhairi Gowans is referring to the Japanese Shakespeare Country Park, which recreates Stratford-Upon-Avon (the birthplace of the Bard) in the 16thcentury. Its aim is to give visitors an insight into Shakespeare’s world, into the surroundings of his infancy and above all, into the period when he wrote his works.

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A Shakespearean mobile phone

Ghosts of literature

“Perhaps all the world is a stage. Thanks to these ingenious apps, the world of Shakespeare is certainly much easier to comprehend” claims J.D.Biersdorfer in his article of The New York Times. Shakespeare continues his expansion even in modern times, and his next step for his spread is the app. Apple and Android, both offer different types of applications about The Bard aimed to facilitate its reading and understanding. Furthermore, some of them use visual and audio-visual resources in order to make them more eye catching and attractive for the public.

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Harry Potter filial film

Ghosts of literature

If you liked J.K. Rowling’s best sellers, Harry Potter, to the point of getting mad about it, and even could not wait to read the following novels, soon you will be able to see J.K. Rowling’s series based on those fantastic piece of novels. Even she decided to leave wizarding world apart, she could not deny the idea of doing a film based on the themes of Harry Potter, Warner Bros announced. Thanks to an interview published in the BBC’s webpage, we know some of the most thrilling aspects of the future film.

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The Wuthering story of the Brontë family

Ghosts of literature

After the early death of Maria and Elisabeth, the other three girls (Charlotte, Ann and Emily) were sent to the Clary’s Daughters school where they spend quite a long time, and which give all of them enough inspiration for the following years they spend writing. Those different stories as the Wide Sargasoo Sea which was written among all of them was developed around the story of the four siblings and settled on one of their fictitious world, Angria; that as well as the other two fictitious worlds –Gondal and Gaaldine— were used as reality worlds for those four lonely children.

The Bronte Family

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