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Book Review: George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London

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Down and Out in Paris and London

‘A beggar, looked at realistically, is simply a businessman, getting his living, like other businessmen, in the way that comes to hand; he has merely made the mistake of choosing a trade at which it is impossible to grow rich.’

Reading Ages: 12+
Category: Biographical Non-Fiction
Overall Rating: ★★★★★

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The marvelous world of English Literature

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Reading between the lines

Good morning everybody!

I am Andrea, and I will be blogging on this blog during the next days, or months, who knows!

This blog will be about the incredible world of literature and will enclose many of the best 50 English writers ever. The blog will collect small biographies or even the summary of some of the best books or novels of English literature. It won’t be an easy task, because of the big amount of writers that England has had, and actually, has.


I hope it will be of your interest, and you will have fun reading it! See you!

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