Doris Lessing dies aged 94

Ghosts of literature

Maev Kennedy,  a special writer of the Guardian newspaper, wrote last month about the dead of the famous English writer Doris Lessing. Maev writes about Lessing in a sad way due to the fact that after a long career as a writer, being famous for her poems, novels, biographies and short stories, she has been one of the most important English writers in the whole world.

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Ghosts of literature

The upcoming film “Anonymous” suggests that Shakespeare did not write his internationally well-known works. However, Peter Holland, a Shakespeare expert from the University of Notre Dame, assures that it is a ridiculous idea. After making several researches he has deduced that nobody but William Shakespeare must be the real author of the some of the most revered works of English literature. So, is Shakespeare a “fakespeare?”

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Ghosts of literature

Christina Sterbenz has found out that we say or write several famous phrases which actually came from Shakespeare. She has given thirteen examples taken from various famous Shakespeare’s plays. Let’s see where are they exactly taken from and which is their meaning. Have you ever use it one of them? Check it out!

Just the mention of William Shakespeare makes some people cringe. Even I’ll admit his writing seems daunting at times.

Whether a fan or not though, you probably use many of Shakespeare’s phrases on a regular basis.

Here’s a list of 13 popular, albeit strange, sayings The Bard coined. In fact, we say or write some of these so often, they’ve become clichés.

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And now, what?

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If we could ask a children what is literature, a possible answer would be an amount of old books written a lot of time ago. Don’t you think so? In schools, high schools and universities we have learnt all the ages of literature: romanticism, realism, naturalism… But yet we have not learnt this age, our age. We are in the modern age of literature, but I can not imagine what will the students of the future be taught about this literature. Where are the Shakespeares of today?

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Fifty Shades Of Grey, the trilogy of the 21st Century

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Zoe Williams, a journalist for The Guardian newspaper, wrote about the Fifty Shades of Grey from E.L. James, in July 2012. Zoe gave her opinion about those books, which have become incredibly successful whole around the world. Apart from their success, this trilogy has had also lots of critics due to the fact that its main theme is “sex”.

“James’s sex scenes are not incidental, they are the meat of the plot, the crux of the conflict, the key to at least one of and possibly both the central characters. It is a sex book. It is not a book with sex in it”, Zoe Williams

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In memory of “The man who loved the girls”

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Thanks to an article written in the ABC webpage, in which Servando Rocha is interviewed, I came up with something that personally shocked me. As we all know, Lewis Carroll was the author of “Alicia in the wonderland”. What Servando Rocha has done is compile all of the writings and photos done by Carrol, and put all together in a book. There we will find the strange obsession he had with young girls.

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A new Asterix

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The 24th October 2013, the las of the adventures of the famous invincible Gallic, Asterix and the Picts, came to us with special expectancy. For the hundreds of thousands of fans of Asterix (among whom I include myself), it has been a period of doubt. As some of you may know, or may not, Albert Uderzo, the only creator of the comic that remains alive, announced his retirement in 2011. At the same time, he also announced the two men who will follow writing the upcoming stories of Asterix and his friends: Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad.

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Oxford surrounded by Literature

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Jeremy Smith claimed after having visited the 2012 Oxford Literary Festival: “Suffice to say, it was a truly well-thumbed event. A new favourite I’ll want to return to, again and again”. Literature lovers will feel home from home in the Oxford Literary festival, which will be hold between Saturday, 22 March and Sunday, 30 March. This year, a big marquee situated between the Sheldonian Theatre and the Bodleian Library will house the festival bookshop, a café, the festival box office and some retail units. A lively and intellectual atmosphere, full of visitors and including some of the greatest English authors joined by some of the most respected writers from more than 20 countries, will make this festival an unmissable event.

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Gathering Together Two Generations.

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Ghosts of literature

Daughter of a farmer and a teacher, born in the center of Ontario (Canada) and a failure on the college, gets a Novel Prize at the age of 82. These two lines are the shortest summary of the life of Alice Ann Munro. This time, and in order to write my third post on this blog, I have chosen this writer whose life does not hide much secret, but who creates huge short-stories; which both me and my mother have enjoyed reading for long times together.

Alice Ann Munro

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