My Information Management Tools

during this second semester of the third year of Modern Languages, we have had a subject called Information Management in which we have been learning different tools in order to make easier and better the communication of information. for that, we have been using these tools:

Our basic platform is called Wikilittera and it is part of the huge Wikipedia. we used this same platform last year, and as so, it was quite easy to work with it. In this Platform, we have, basically, been writing about what we were doing with the rest of the tools, so that both the teacher and ourselves could see how we were doing the exercises and check them.

We have been using also a kind of a blog; In this one, we had to choose a topic and look for already-posted scoops; so that we could create a big post with different information, souces and multimedia (videos, photos…). finally, we twitted some of the most interesting articles or information.

Another  tools that we have been using a lot has been Mind-Map, or at least an application to do them. The application we have been using is called text2mindmap. For creating a Mindmap with this tool you only have to go inserting the infromation you take from some article, and the same app makes the mindmap (even if you have to fix it sometimes), so it is easy to work with it. these mindmaps has also been  posted on twitter. in the last set of exercises, we have been using the categories of the different pages to wikipedia as a information source for creating the mind maps.

As we have been using a lot of different articles from different sources, we have also been using an organizer of references. for this, we have been using Refworks and Flow. with this two tools, we have been able to organize by fields our references, together with couting them in the right way, and as so, avoid doing plagarism.

We have also been doing fact-sheets. A fact-sheet id a word procesator page with information about one topic, dividing it into different tables and with photos. if it is true that we have done it with word, and that we already knew hpw to use it. we have been sharing it on the drive and sharing their links in order everybody to read them.

Finnally, of course, we have been using both Twitter and Google Drive in order to share all the information and products we have been creating.