My Wikipedia Contribution

The whole point on this semester’s Information Management course was to end up doing a couple of contributions at the Wikipedia, and that is why the tools I have mentioned in my last post has been usefull to this purpose.

I have done two contributions in wikipedia. the first one was the translation of an artivle from spanish to english. the article was about a music festival held in Spain “Contempopáne” which is quite famous, and as so, I was surprised when I found that it didn’t have an english translation. that’s why I decided to create this new article in the English wikipedia, the worst part of this first contribution was connecting both the Spanish and The English articles, but I finally got it.

For my second contribution, I have been adding information about the article of a Basque actor. the Article was written in Euskara, and as so, there was just so little infromation written in tables. So, I have add some boigrphical information writen in paragraphs.

These has been my contributions for Wikipedia. I have really enyojed working with it, and knowing how does it really works. I have learn a lot form the templates and the infoboxes, together with the ammounto of f¡diferetn posibilities of languages and creation this online encyclopedia give us.